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How to Trigger Creativity on a Deadline

I have discovered the best ideas come to me at the most random times: in the shower, brushing my teeth, walking in the woods and in the middle of the night. Experts talk about the benefits of productive procrastination, which is a fancy way to say that when you are working on a big project, your mind needs time to [...]

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5 Ways to Turn Curiosity to Extra-Ordinary

“Curiosity is the spark behind the spark of every great idea. The future belongs to the curious.”  —Author Unknown The old saying that curiosity killed the cat might be true for cats, but for the rest of us, being curious, asking questions and never settling for the status quo is part of doing something great in this world. Take a minute to [...]

12 Empowering Lessons About Failure Miles lacoste

12 Empowering Lessons About Failure

Building the confidence necessary to take failure in stride isn’t easy. And it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. Like all great habits, you have to put in the time and effort to build a daily practice of confidence-building actions. Take these lessons learned from entrepreneurs who have faced numerous failures as your starting point. 1. Failure isn’t forever. There’s no way to talk [...]

Miles Lacoste How to Speak Well... and Listen Better

How to Speak Well… and Listen Better

There are two sides to every conversation, and both are essential to the art of communication. Related: 4 Powerful Questions to Help You Refocus Your Goals So, how are your conversation skills? Think about it: Are you a smooth talker, or do you ramble? Are you an attentive listener, or do you tend to interrupt? Here’s how to master the art of conversation—both sides [...]

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5 Steps to Turn Your Passion Into Your Profession

“Don’t ask what the world needs; ask what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.” —Howard Thurman   Passion is a funny thing. It keeps you up at night and sparks something deep inside you. It inspires you to try and change the world, or at least make your little [...]

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4 Powerful Questions to Help You Refocus Your Goals

We’re living in the golden age of technology. We’re hyper-connected to what everyone else is doing, in addition to facing the normal pressures that society, family, peers and life place on us. With all these factors in the back of our heads, it’s easy to lose track of our own identity. If you’re not mindful of what and why you’re doing something, [...]

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7 Ways to Help Yourself (and Others) Be Successful

1. Give back. There is an astute knowingness in understanding that we all have a limited perspective or lens. I have one, you have one and everyone who walks this earth has a limited perspective. And for a great many years, we as a collective have convinced ourselves that our differences are a hindrance, when in reality our differences are the [...]



  So we started the day from a small town where this motel is located. We only slept for less than 6 hours here. It was the most uncomfortable sleeps ever! But that’s the only choice. It had no AC, fan and the entire room was freaking hot all night. But since I was so tired, it didn’t really bothered me although I [...]

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  By far, this place is incredible! We woke-up around mid-morning. We were so tired day prior today. We took the complimentary breakfast that comes with the room. As ASIAN, we were expecting to have a buffet of variety of foods including RICE, of course. But the foods disappoint us! It’s just a couple of loaf bread, coffee blender with instant coffee, porridge and [...]