How To Fix Your Audio if Your Microphone Fails


How To Fix Your Audio if Your Microphone Fails


Good Morning So we are here in Coachella right now and we didn’t intend to be here but since we are looking for food so that grandma can take her pills, we ended up here. We are just gonna look for a gas station to fill up our gas tank cuz we still have 500 kilometers away to go so it will take us maybe 4 hours to 5 hours depending on the speed so yeah it’s pretty hot here like today like right now it’s 8:16 and it’s like 40 degrees and it’s so warm and yeah it’s a little bit humid and the weather is not bad at all but it’s hot compared to Canada so full just going to drive by more hours and then we’ll get to Arizona Let’s Go


We stopped over here in rest area cause I’m a little bit tired and I’m having double vision so maybe I’ll just take 5 to 10 minutes to rest and then we can proceed after this so we are 2 hours away and we will be in Tucson Arizona in 2 hours so it’s pretty hot here it’s 38 degrees and it’s a little bit dry and looks looks like desert.


Good Morning Arizona it’s pretty hot here and it’s 41 degrees let me show it to you so its 41° and our aircon is fully turned on. I,  Michelle,  grandma and mom is at the other side of the car I mean on the car with my brother and sister in Christ okay so I’m not sure where we going right now but we’re still here in In-n-out burger because we need to grab some food. Its already 3pm and we are going to a place that I don’t know, so we are going with a convoy and we’ll go from there.


Good Morning, so we just arrived here in Arizona So you so I guess I’ll show it to you tomorrow the place. So we’ll end today’s vlog and always remember do more what makes awesome and forge your lifestyle, adios!


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