The Importance of SEO in Online Marketing

importance of seo

The Importance of SEO in Online Marketing

If you’re serious about building a business online, you absolutely need to know about SEO. You may have heard this term bandied about, but what does it actually mean? “SEO” stands for Search Engine Optimization, or a set of techniques you use to make your pages appear when prospective customers search Google and other platforms for certain keyword terms. This deceptively complex and ever-changing field is best described with an example. Let’s say you want to sell polka-dotted bowties on your page. If you’ve performed proper SEO, your site will come up in the first page of results (ideally close to or at the top) when someone searches “best polka-dotted bowties” or “where to buy bowties.” LIFE AFTER FOURTEEN DAYS MOVEMENT is designed to help you make money and achieve the freedom you want online, in no small part through the power of REAL SEO SECRETS TRAINING that is available to you to access. Read on to learn more about the importance of SEO in online marketing.

Make it Easy for Customers to Find You

What’s the first thing you do when you want to learn more about a company, service, or product? Chances are, you Google it. According to a 2012 study by Fleishman Hillard, “eighty-nine percent of consumers surveyed use Internet search engines to make purchasing decisions, punctuating the need for a strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.” Alexa, one of the top web analytics sources, ranks Google as the most visited site in the world, with each United States visitor spending about 20 minutes on the search engine every day.

The fact of the matter is that your potential clients are spending their time and attention on search engines, so your business better be there to reach them. Of course, you may be familiar with paid advertisements on these sites, and these can be quite effective, but they are no replacement for good organic SEO. Search Engine® Journal reports: “70 percent of the links search users click on are organic” and “70-80 percent of users ignore the paid ads” entirely.

In addition, people don’t just passively visit the sites they find on search engines—they buy from them. According to Search Engine® Journal, almost 15 percent of SEO leads close, compared to less than two percent of those driven by print ads or direct mail campaigns. These statistics reveal that SEO is probably the single most important online marketing tool at your business’s disposal.

Your Prospects Will Check Out Your Business

In our digital world, your customers are most likely to find out about your business on the web. However, even if they don’t, SEO should still be a key factor in your marketing. Prospective clients that hear about your company through other avenues will most likely Google your business name to find out more about you before making a purchase. A lackluster web presence could cause you to lose out on sales or even drive traffic to your competitors.

The Cornerstone of Your Marketing

The pages you optimize—your website content, blogs, etc.—will become the hub of your entire online marketing strategy. For example, you might drive traffic to your social media pages from your blogs or vice versa, use your optimized articles to sign customers up for email campaigns, embed promotional YouTube videos on your landing page, and more. Since your company’s content is such a significant traffic source and the heart of your business’s online brand, SEO should be the bread and butter of your web marketing approach.

SEO is The New Standard

Without a doubt, SEO has become a benchmark for online business. In his recent Forbes article, “7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in SEO,” Steve Olenski notes: “it’s not going to stop working any time soon” and points out: “your competitors are doing it.” He quotes SEO expert Jason Bayless: “If you’re not moving forward and improving your position, you’re losing ground to a competitor who is.” SEO is no longer a marketing luxury or a high-tech technique—it’s a necessity for online advertising.

Start Optimizing Today

Would you like to get your online business off the ground so you can travel, spend time with family, and enjoy the life you’ve always wanted? To learn more about how REAL SEO SECRETS can help or start taking advantage of our services, contact Miles today or simply click the big yellow button below to learn more about REAL SEO SECRETS TRAINING.


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