My humble Beginning

IMG_0262At such a young age I am lucky enough to say that I have traveled to some awesome, remote locations around the world. Especially since only a few years ago this life seemed impossible for me…

My passion for travel was kick started at quite an early age… I’m a Filipino guy and was born and raised on a remote Island in the Eastern part of the Philippines. Our family was poor but all I wanted at that age was to have fun and eat junk food.

I still remember the day I got in trouble by my Grandfather and had to spend the day inside. So I ended up watching TV most of the day… But what came on, stunned me! It was an advertisement for amazing places over the world like Paris, New York etc… That day, I ended up asking my Grandparents about those places I had seen on screen and if we could go there during the holidays.

Their reply was disappointing to say the least…

“It is impossible for us to visit those places as it is so expensive to travel. However, if you want to visit those places, finish your education first, get a degree and get a good job, and then you can travel anywhere you want.”

So, you know what? I took their advice!

I was determined to get a good education so I studied hard and ended up going to University. I decided to study nursing because I was told nurses were in high demand overseas and overseas is exactly where I wanted to go!

IMG_0814Long story short, I met the love of my life (LOL) and we happened to share the same interest for travel! And after our 4 years of study we both graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

We were both closer to our dreams of travel, a happy life and financial freedom!

But a few months later my family decided to migrate from the Philippines to Canada…

Although it meant having to have a long distance relationship with my partner, I decided to leave in hopes of better opportunities that Canada could offer. Surely I could earn and save more money in Canada and I could provide us with a better future and finally be able to travel together!

Unfortunately, those hopes soon disappeared…

I couldn’t get a nursing job in Canada due to the process between countries being so different… I became so frustrated with life! This wasn’t how it was supposed to work out! I tried to keep my dreams in the forefront of my mind… It was hard, but it also gave me the motivation to not give up trying.

I went out applying for various types of jobs and finally landed 2 jobs working for minimum wage. But even with two jobs I was still living paycheck to paycheck! I had bills to pay and never enough money to save for my girlfriend and I’s dream of traveling together…

So, I did what I had to do and took up another part-time job, thinking maybe it would get easier. Well, let’s just say life got very hard after that… I barely had an hour to spare to Skype my girlfriend. The only time we ever talked was through social media…

Every time she call me on Skype I’m already asleep and vice versa. We were beginning to become diFile_000 (1)sconnected. I was so tired after work, not even getting a day off a week.

I lived like that for almost 2 years…

Only getting 3 weeks off a year to finally see my girlfriend. Yeah, it’s crazy how we work all year round for a 3 week vacation (if that) and it’s considered normal! One night I was fed up… I didn’t want this to be my reality anymore. I realized I needed a big shift in my life. I remembered what one of my mentors told me,

“Don’t work for money all your life, let the money work for you.”

That sentence finally made sense to me.

That same evening I grabbed my computer and started looking for ways to travel full-time and be able to support myself while on the road… I ended up trying binary options and Forex trading but would always end up losing my investments… I may as well have flushed my money down the drain!

Back at square one, I began my search again…

I eventually came across a guy my age who was living the life I wanted. He was traveling the world full-time

with his girlfriend and had been on the road for almost 2 years! Of course I was curious… I wanted this life for myself, so I reached out to him. That was the first step I took, and I have never looked back.

That guy became my mentor and taught me exactly how he did it.

So I began to implement everything he showed me and over time my dream lifestyle became closer and closer! I would like to say my life changed overnight… Or even in the space of a week. But it didn’t. It took time, dedication and some long nights. But I think you can say it’s worth it when you are finally closer to your dream than you’ve ever been.

Then one morning, that was Sunday just after my alarm rang, I checked my phone just to see if my girlfriend message me.

But when I looked at my screen, I got an email from Paypal informing me that somebody just sent me money. Though it was just $7 at that time, but I can’t explain myself the feeling of making my first money online. It was a life changing for me considering I didn’t have any idea when it comes to business, selling and marketing.

I message my girlfriend right away to tell her what happen but obviously she just responded ‘Okay, congrats then” she was so boring but I didn’t care.

That’s where I developed my 3 Step System that kick started my business online and grew my daily income exponentially in just less than a year.

  • 1.) I created a system to help like-minded people turn their passion into a profitable online business and start making profit in just 14 days or even less!
  • 2.) Rinse and Repeat, Understand how to do it over and over again, and…
  • 3.) How to scale your business and grow your income exponentially!

I’ve now been able to travel South East Asia with my girlfriend and experience some amazing places in the world… Hangout with few of internet millionaires like John Chow from JohnChowDotCom, Colin Sprake and Dan Lok The Man.

File_001IMG_9983File_000 (2)

The good news is…

We’re just getting started!

It’s never too late to change the path you’re on…

It just takes the first step which can often be the hardest. Just like how I reached out to a guy who became my mentor.

So there’s no reason for you not to live the dot com lifestyle and be financially free.

“There are only TWO PAINS in life, the pain of DISCIPLINE and the pain of REGRET!”

Remember, your biggest enemy is YOURSELF and the biggest hindrance to your dream is HESITATION!

There is an obvious trend I see that successful people do. They Are committed and aggressive to take action.

“The key to SUCCESS is to keep your dream ALIVE”

Stay Connected!

To your online success!

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