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So last night, we spent the night in a small down called Grant Pass.

So before we left the place where we spent the night with, we started to re-arranged the trunk of the car because we need more space.

Mom and Michelle did the arranging while I was busy talking my camera (that’s the benefit of being a driver). lol

After that, we left Grant Pass.

But instead of taking the fastest and easiest way, I decided to take the alternative way thinking we would be driving to a beautiful coastal and enjoy the view while driving.

But, instead, it was really a freaking long way with only just one lane all the way which took us to double our travel time.

They kind of blamed me because of my decision but they can’t really speak it out since I was the only one driving.

The road was a long and winding road until something caught our attention and made us stopped-over.

To our surprised, we just stopped-over to a nice little park with a ton of century trees.

We took a couple of pictures as usual.

Then after that, we resumed and keep driving till we reached the coastal that I was talking about.

I thought the weather would be good but it turns out to be the other way around, it was really COLD!!!

To make the story short we drove and we drove and we drove until we reached the city of our destination.

Watch the video and let me know down in the comment section below.

Peace out!


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