Ultimate Formula That Guarantee Sales Like Clockwork!

formula that guarantee sales

Ultimate Formula That Guarantee Sales Like Clockwork!

Are you weak at converting traffic into sales?

Want to make more:

  • MTTB sales?
  • Four Percent Group sales?
  • Digital Altitude sales?
  • Empower Network sales?
  • Attraction Marketing Formula/EMP sales?
  • Other biz opp or affiliate marketing product sales?

Do you feel that IF ONLY you could make front end sales regularly, you can hit $10,000+ per month or above easily?

Well… in this post I am going to teach you a SIMPLE FORMULA to make these sales EVEN if you kinda sorta suck at converting traffic.

There is a formula that you need to remember when it comes to making sales.

And here’s the formula:

Traffic Ability + Conversion Ability = Sales

Its an equation which can NEVER go wrong in real life. Let me give you an explanation using a hypothetical scenario.

Let’s say the final number on the right side is supposed to be 100 points for you to make sales.

That means….

If your traffic generation ability is 50 points and your conversion ability is 50 points, then the right side (Sales) equals 100 points (which means you are making sales). Now imagine if your traffic ability DROPS to 25 points.

What happens then?

Traffic Ability (25) + Conversion Ability (50) = 75 (falls short)

This means that your Conversion Ability MUST INCREASE to 75 for the right side to hit 100 (which means sales).

In other words, it means….

The lesser quality traffic you get…the better you must be at

Fact is that most marketers get barely decent quality traffic for their business. So to make consistent sales, they must be SUPREMELY good at conversions. But they are not THAT good at conversions.

So what happens?

No wonder they struggle to make sales. Unless the FORMULA matches, making sales is just not possible. So now where does that leave us?

Well…ideally its good to master BOTH traffic  & conversions to have a successful long term business.

Traffic Ability (50) + Conversion Ability (50) = Sales (100)

But most marketers are newbies. They don’t possess great conversion skills. So what can they do to make more sales NOW? Well….the simplest way would be to simply INCREASE the traffic quality.

Get the formula down to something like….

Traffic (80) + Conversions (20) = Sales (100)

Which means…the better your traffic, the LESSER SKILLS you need to turn them into sales.

I have run 1000s of campaigns and I know that if you can get great quality traffic, sales WILL SIMPLY FLOW IN.

Of course, you need to do some work but making sales is FAR, FAR, FAAAAR more easier with great quality traffic. Want to hit $10,000+ per month in PROFITS in your business fast?

Then get these 3 things in order:

1. Increase the traffic quality (sales will happen easily)
2. Reduce the traffic cost (profits will happen easily)
3. Increase the traffic volume (overall sales & overall profits will rise rapidly)

At the end of the day…its all about making sales more easily, quickly and profitably.

When you get this right….racing to $10,000+ per month in PROFITS is possible. So is $50,000+ per month in PROFITS. And so is $100,000+ per month in PROFITS.

Sky is the limit.

Now the question is how do you do all this?

Where the hell can you get quality cheap traffic that converts
like crazy even if you are NOT ALL THAT GREAT with conversion

Link Arms With Miles Lacoste + My Email Drop Agency.

Here’s what I mean:

I have an Email Drop Agency where we setup and manage Email campaigns for our clients thus sending them the MOST HIGHEST CONVERTING TRAFFIC out there in the market.

We are getting huge of engagement and crazy optin rate and these leads are converting for us LIKE CRAZY for all kinds of programs (including Empower Network, MOBE, Fourpercent Group, Digital Altitude and all other legit business opportunities).

If you want to make more sales, take in BIG PROFITS, hit the leaderboards of the program you are promoting, make LOTS of sales of any product for that matter…then this service is for you.


To get started, all you need to do is APPLY for a 100% free application and one of our team will reach out to you within 12 to 24 busniess hours who will explain the whole process in detail plus answer ANY QUERIES that you may have.

Here’s Why You Should Choose Our Email Drop Agency To Run Your Email Traffic campaigns

1. When you will become our client, you don’t have to go through any training video to learn how to get traffic. You will get instant Email traffic delivered to you (along with detailed reports).

2. We will setup the campaign, match the list targeting for YOUR offer, and deliver massive results. You don’t have to lift a finger, as our in-house team will do all the heavy lifting for you.

3. You don’t have to sweat yourself tying to make things work and waste your time sitting with you computer and wasting your had earned money. You can spend the day as you want while we do the hard work for you.

4. You don’t have to worry about getting shutdown by facebook, google and any other pay per click method as YOU and the team control the traffic. We can say whatever we want to say and be honest upfront. This allows us to send traffic to ANY URL you choose, with almost instant approval.

5. If you want to scale (get more traffic), you can simply tell us how small or big traffic you want and we will ramp up your sales BIG TIME.

6. The leads have been converting like crazy for us and this works for any home business, especially Empower Network, MOBE, Traffic Authority, Fourpercent Group, Digital Altitude and other online affiliate programs – from our internal testing.

So there you go.

Nothing can beat the satisfaction of knowing that high quality traffic is flowing to your funnel and sales are happening day in and day out.

Being able to get massive quality traffic that converts IS a
game changer.

You Can Fill-out Your Free Application Here

We will have a friendly chat and then if you decide to move ahead with us, we will start working on your email traffic campaign and help you make LOTS of MTTB, Empower Network, Elite Marketing Pro, iPas sales, Digital Altitude, Fourpecent Group (or any affiliate product or business oppotunity sales that you want).

This traffic source is HOT.

Remember, every once in a while, a great traffic opportunity opens up. Those who use it smartly get massive dividends. You may have missed the boat with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads but don’t screw it up with Email Traffic.

You simply NEED this. This is your hope to get consistent and easy sales.

So go ahead and get us to send you tons and tons of awesome Email clicks:

Submit Your Free Application Here

Dedicated To Your Online Success!

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  • Toni Roblin Reply

    Wow! This is an eye opener for me!

    November 25, 2016 at 8:39 AM
  • Andrew Serge Reply

    I love this clog post and this is very simple and direct to the point! Keep posting please! 🙂

    October 31, 2016 at 4:17 PM

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